BzzAgent - Crest Be - Is it dessert or toothpaste?

Brushing my teeth has never really been something I looked forward to...UNTIL NOW!

Wanna know why?  Well, I'll tell you....CREST BE TOOTHPASTE!

As a BzzAgent, I recently had the opportunity to try out the new Crest Be toothpastes absolutely free and they taste so delicious, I actually look forward to brushing my teeth. And I try to do it as much as possible!!
Check out my reaction as I try it out for the first time!
You can tell that I was really amazed by the flavor once I tried them all.

The 3 flavors I received are:

  •      Be Adventurous ~ Mint Chocolate Trek
  •      Be Inspired ~ Vanilla Mint Spark
  •      Be Dynamic ~ Lime Spearmint Zest

I've been trying to decide which one is my favorite, but I honestly can't just pick one. I love how they all taste! I have never tried toothpaste like this before. What about you? Leave me a comment & let me know if you've had the chance to try these. Do you have a favorite?

My unboxing video!


Crowdtap - Kleenex Brand Tissues

I was one of the lucky people chosen to receive a free sample of this beautiful box of Kleenex Brand Tissues from Crowdtap! After taking a few pictures of it, I immediately found a place for my new box in the living room! The design is so pretty and was created by Isaac Mizrahi. I will definitely have to find another use for it after I run out of tissues! Keeping it in the living room where everyone can see them is the best place in my home. It is specially convenient for movie night when watching a "tearjerker"!

The tissues are soft and perfect for other uses (besides drying tears) such as removing my make up! I really loved my complimentary box and hope to get lots of good use out of it!

Big thanks to Crowdtap & Kleenex for the chance to try this out!


Smooth as Silk - #PureSilk

Oh yeah...! Nothing like having smooth silky legs, right? It's one of those things we can all appreciate. I usually shave using just soap & water, but I recently had the opportunity to try out Pure Silk Shave Cream (complimentary thanks to Influenster #VowVoxBox). I don't think I'll ever be able to shave without it again! What a difference! It's kind of difficult to explain exactly what I mean because obviously when I shave, the hair is no longer on my legs, but after using Pure Silk...WOW...now, that's what I call smooth skin!

I received the scent "Raspberry Mist" which smells heavenly. It's a combination of fruits & sweet candy! The cream is very thick & I didn't have to use a large amount to get great coverage on my legs! Oh, and one more thing - the can is rust-proof so it won't leave a nasty stain in my bathtub! Happy shaving my friends! #PureSilk

The suggested retail price for the 5 oz. can is $1.49 and $2.19 for the 8 oz. 

What do you use when you shave?
Have you ever used this product?
Leave me a comment and let me know!



BzzAgent - Mattel BOOMco. Blasters

Having the opportunity to try out a brand new product that hasn't been released yet is one of the most exciting feelings and I'm so glad to be able to share our experience with you guys! Of course, the fact that it is complimentary makes it even more special!

We received an ENORMOUS box in the mail.
I convinced my son to help me film an 'unboxing' video, but did not tell him that the product was actually something for him to test out. He accepted the challenge and even brought a handy tool to help me cut the box open. He is so cute!

To his surprise & my total amazement, there were 2 Mattel BOOMco. Blasters for us to try out along with an extra Smart Stick Dart Pack that had 16 extra darts! We could hardly contain our excitement as we finished filming the video. The smaller one is called the Twisted Spinner Blaster and has 8 Smart Stick darts.

The bigger one (which is also my personal favorite) is called the Rapid Madness Blaster and it comes with 30 Smart Stick darts and a 20-dart clip. Wanna know why it's my favorite? The darts fly out so fast, it feels like I'm shooting a machine gun!

Both of them come with their own Smart Stick target. And can you believe that they don't require any batteries?! That is a huge plus in my book!

Here are the things I love about these darts:
They only stick to the Smart Stick targets (believe it or not)! I didn't believe it either until we started using them and noticed that the darts won't even stick to the glass doors! Amazing! If they get dusty and don't stick as well, you just rinse them off with water and they're good to go.

There is only one tiny thing I don't like: I noticed that when playing outdoors, the darts tend to get dirty more quickly (which makes sense) and have to be rinsed off more often because they don't stick as much. But we love to play indoors so it's not a big deal.
We are really enjoying these awesome Mattel BOOMco. Blasters (yes, I'm actually having fun with it, too)! And will continue to #HaveABlast! 

RELEASE DATE: 06/29/14
SOLD AT: Walmart, Kmart, Toys R Us, Target, Amazon.com, & Shop.Mattel.com

 *Watch our unboxing video to see our reaction!*