INFLUENSTER: Let's Go On A Staycation...VoxBox

YAY! for Influenster and their awesome Staycation VoxBox! I'm excited to share the complimentary products they sent me to review and share with you! My passion for all things nail related keeps growing and in this box they sent me the imPRESS press on nails! I've tried these before so I know they work well for me, but since my nails are too long right now, I will save these for when they are super short!

From the brand EvaNYC I received their 10-in-1 hair primer and my hair loved it! It has a nice light scent and didn't leave my hair feeling greasy, just soft and smooth!

I also got to try out a new product from Completely Bare and it's their shaving gel! It smells really fresh and left my skin feeling soft after shaving!

The last item is the Shea Moisture gelee, which I'm looking forward to trying out!

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Here's my Unboxing & First Impressions video:


INFLUENSTER New Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Nail Polish

New vs. Old
You might be thinking to yourself...well, I've been wearing Sally Hansen Insta-Dri nail polish for years, so how can this be "new"? That's what I was thinking when I received my complimentary Influenster VoxBox!

The first thing I noticed is the packaging. The new bottles have color-matching caps so it's easy to see what colors you have. This is especially good for those who store their polishes in a drawer since it makes it a lot easier to know what shades you have. The lettering is also slightly different, but not too obvious.

But the other new thing that you can't really see from just looking at them, is that they have a new 3-in-1 formula with built-in base and top coat! So when I tried it out, I only applied the nail polish and it looked really shiny. Since it dries in just 60 seconds, it is a really fast way to get a beautiful manicure!

I found that the formula for both of the shades I received was creamy and smooth. The wide flat brush makes it very easy to apply in just a few strokes. I also really liked that they are so pigmented, you could get away with applying just 1 coat, but I always do two. *The two shades are "Let's Jam" and "Mauve It".

My favorite thing about these polishes has always been how fast they dry! It's perfect for me because I love changing my polish often and don't like to spend too much time waiting for polish to dry! To sum it all up, I really love the formula is awesome and the colors are beautiful!
"Mauve It" & "Let's Jam" Influenster VoxBox

"Let's Jam"

I have a review video up on my YouTube channel!

*These 2 shades were received complimentary from Influenster for testing & review.


JULEP Cushion Complexion 5-in-1 Skin Perfector

I am so excited to share with you guys the latest Crowdtap kit I received!

It's from Julep and I couldn't believe how awesome this 5-in-1 Skin Perfector is! The first shade I tried is Cashmere and it matches my skin tone very nicely. Check out my video review here:

◘ Find out more about CrowdTap. ◘ JULEP Cushion Complexion (18 Shades) Available at ULTA

Have you tried this awesome product yet? Let me know which shade you like best!


INFLUENSTER Clairol Professional Liquicolor

As you may have noticed, even though I don't feel particularly old, I've been dealing with pesky grays for quite some time now. So I'm always open to trying out hair color that claims to cover grays. I had the chance to try out a complimentary one (sent to me by Influenster) from Clairol Professional called Liquicolor and I don't want to spoil the surprise, but IT WORKS!

I have had good experience with other products as far as the coverage, but once I start to wash my hair the color washes off and the grays start to show. With this Clairol Professional Liquicolor, though, I have been amazed by it's staying power. I don't wash my hair every day, but like I mentioned, color usually washes out after a few times and as the color fades, the grays start looking funny shades of brown & orange. But I can definitely say I've seen a huge difference with the Clairol Professional Liquicolor.

I received the Shade 3N/83N Medium Neutral BrownApplication was easy, just mix into the convenient dispenser bottle and apply to hair. I will admit that the odor was very strong and I recommend doing this in a well ventilated area.

The color also looked a lot darker once it was on my hair than I expected, but to be honest, I don't really mind because my main concern is keeping those grays away! I also enjoyed using the iThrive Shampoo, Conditioner and Keratin Repair which smell amazing and left my hair soft.

I was extremely happy with my results and I definitely recommend this one.