Teenage Drivers

I was so excited when I first got my driver's license (at the tender age of 16), I never even stopped to consider what it meant for my parents and their insurance policy. Now that I'm the proud parent of a 17 year old, I feel for my parents and what they had to go through to pay for their car insurance! Why does it have to be so expensive?!

Keeping our fingers crossed (which translated means "praying") for a miracle.

Here he is the day he got his learner's permit:

Do you have a teenage driver?
Is there an insurance company that you can recommend?
I'd love to "hear" your comments.

In a bind,



Today I wanted to let you in on a little secret...I'm an "Influenster"!
I discovered this amazing website where you can sign up to test products absolutely free! It is so easy to do and I'm having so much fun doing it, I just wanted to let you guys know about it.

CLICK HERE to visit their website and get more details on how you too can become an "Influenster".

It's so exciting to check your mailbox and find something special waiting for you there!
Are you already an "Influenster" or are you signing up for it? Leave a comment below!
Thanks for sharing and good night,


Did You Miss Me?

I had set myself a goal to publish something on my blog at least once every single day, but you know how it is sometimes. I've missed not one day, or two days, but three whole days! I do have a perfectly good reason for that...I had guests over!

Friends & family came over for the weekend and since I hadn't seen them in such a long time (over a year) I just couldn't take off to my little office and leave them alone. We tried to take advantage of every single minute we had to spend together.

The kids had loads of fun as well as the adults (who sometimes seem to behave more like little kids than the kids themselves). That makes our get-togethers very interesting.
These two have known each other since they were tiny little babies!

They explored and had fun in the yard.

We all had a great time together and are very grateful for the chance to share such special moments.
Can't wait till we can make new memories again!

Did you do something extra special this weekend?
Feel free to share in the comments section below.

With love,


It feels like the first time

Going through the trauma of leaving your "babies" (mine are 8 & 17 years old) in school after a long summer break is hard enough. Having to do it twice in the same week is...well, even more difficult. I'm getting too old for this. Being away from my babies for so many hours is having an adverse effect on me. I feel worn out and I just want to go to bed until they get home.

Today was Nathan's second  "First Day of School" and I have a knot in the pit of my stomach because he just started a brand new school. The clock is not moving fast enough. I want to go pick him up already. He seemed excited and happy, but I'm nervous and not so happy. I try to imagine what it would be like if I were 8 years old and I had to start a brand new school 4 days after I had just gone back to my old school. He's a lot braver than I am, that's for sure. One good thing is that his new teacher is very sweet and all the school personnel we met today were so kind and helpful. They made us feel very welcome.

I will continue to wait as patiently as possible for my little babies to get home.


I was so happy to have them finally here with me that I totally forgot to post my blog before 12am and now...I'm late! Oh well...I hope you will be forgiving since it's Friday!!

Have a great weekend!!



I ♥ Fast Food!

And I know you're probably thinking McDonalds & Taco Bell (which I do love), but in this case I'm actually referring to Chef Jacques Pépin and his "More Fast Food My Way" episodes. My husband and kids love watching his cooking show and they saw something they thought would taste delicious and you know what? They were right!  

I had 4 small green apples and I cut them into slices and placed them in a skillet over medium heat. I drizzled maple syrup over the apples, added a little bit of butter and a sprinkle of sugar. As soon as they started to caramelize I got some hot dog bread and put butter on it and covered the apples with the bread (butter side up). Then I took the skillet and placed it in the oven (preheated to 400°) for about 12 minutes. What came out was a delicious treat that looks nothing like what Chef Pépin made, but I can tell you that when I flipped the skillet over onto a plate it smelled so good I almost fainted. Ok, so I'm exaggerating a bit, but it was so delicious and the most important thing was that it was so easy to put together and so fast that I couldn't believe it was ready so quickly!

Here is the "real" recipe and the correct way to do it - Chef Pépin's - "Skillet Apple Charlotte"

And here's a picture of what I did - -

(I apologize because by the time I realized I hadn't taken any pictures, we had eaten almost the whole thing!)

Do you have a quick and easy recipe you'd like to share?
If so, leave a comment below.
Hahaha! That rhymes.

Good night and sweet dreams,


Happy Mother's Day!

I have a theory...

Once you become a mother, you're a mother every single day after that, for the rest of your life. So technically, (and this is only my theory) it's Mother's Day every day! Today I want to tell you about my Mom and how she's been my #1 fan from the moment I was born. As the oldest of 3 children I know I have an extra special place in my Mom's heart because I was her very first baby (but don't tell that to my siblings). I want to take this moment to give thanks to God for the Mother He has blessed me with. I am a better person today because of her love and patience with me.

Thank you, Mom for filling my childhood with so many special memories. I love you.

My Mom sent me this baby picture (of myself) so I could add it to my blog.
I told you she was my #1 fan!
Mommy & Me

Do you have a special memory of your Mom you'd like to share?

Sweet dreams,



I already knew I was out of shape, but I didn't expect that getting back to the school routine would leave me feeling so exhausted. I had to take a 2 hour "nap" and I still don't feel that was enough! Maybe it was the heat? It was so hot outside and muggy today, I'm sure that didn't help. Like usual, I drank water but felt like that wasn't enough. I really hope tomorrow will be better.

I'm glad to report that my little one had a great first day! That always makes me happy.

So much traffic!

We were running late so he had part of his breakfast in the car!

After he had his breakfast, I had mine! ♥

How was your day?
Hoping it was blessed,


Blushing Bride

Many moons ago there was a young innocent girl who decided she was ready to become a wife. So she married her high school sweetheart just 3 days shy of her 18th birthday and they lived happily ever after...

Well, that's not exactly the whole story...
This is what I looked like on my wedding day. I was so happy...so full of hopes and dreams. Seventeen years and two kids later, I am still happy and very blessed. It hasn't all been the way I had pictured it would be, but one thing has been true during all these years:

(Even during the times I chose not to be with Him)

In case you were wondering, my wedding anniversary isn't today, but I just wanted to remember this special moment in my life. Such sweet memories. 

There's more to this story so stay tuned to my blog for an upcoming post.

For now that is all.
Good night.


No electricity....wait, what?!!!

Guess who woke up this morning to the sound of silence? I did. And that's not necessarily a good thing in my house because it means the ceiling fan is not on. If the ceiling fan is not on, it gets very hot. Combine that with the A/C also not being on and then it's just indescribable...can't breath...need air...

Well, it turns out the electricity went out and we all woke up ♫ ♪ feeling HOT, HOT, HOT ♪ ♫ It gave me a chance to appreciate one more thing...which, by the way, I NEVER take for granted. I ♥ Electricity! Something that seems so insignificant, yet such a huge part of our daily lives. I am very happy to report that shortly after we woke up the power came back and we all celebrated by spending as much time outside in the heat as possible! Hahaha! Just kidding. If you know me, you know I ♥ my A/C! That's why I'm looking forward to Christmas time when the temperature drops a bit and we can enjoy more outside time.

Today was a restful day because it was Saturday. I ♥ Saturdays!

Hoping your day was restful too,


Fun Friday FaceTime

FaceTime is one of those apps that have a special place in the techy chamber of my ♥.
It helps us cross the many miles that keep us away from our loved ones without leaving the comfort of our home. Not that I would mind leaving the comfort of my home to be physically closer to my loved ones...if I could afford it. Anyway, today I had some "Fun Friday FaceTime" and although I don't have any photos to post, I can tell you that I had a great time.

We had a busy day today getting ready for a new school year. My youngest son got to meet his teacher and pick his very own desk to sit at.

Then while I was making dinner my sweet hubby made some coffee and sweetened it with the most delicious creamer I have ever tasted!! I'm in love... ♥ ♥ ♥

Saying good night and hoping you had a sweet day...


Sad moments...happy moments

It seems our lives are made up of a combination of happy and sad moments. This morning I was given very sad news and it made me stop to think about how temporary our life really is on this earth. We have been given this special gift that can end at any moment. And it would seem to be pointless were it not for the hope we have of a better place..."and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away." (Rev. 21:4)  How we long for that moment when all our sorrows shall come to an end and we will live filled with peace and joy forever more.

Then, this afternoon, I received a little bit of happiness... (Here's a little preview. I'll share a little bit more as soon as my video uploads).

Hope you enjoy it. Click on MY VIDEO to watch it directly on youtube.

Wishing you all had a blessed day & sweet dreams tonight.


What in tarnation is a mucocele?

I know you must be wondering why I would choose such a strange topic to start off my second day as a "blogger", but I kept thinking about all the things that I've been through and this one just kept popping into my head! The most important thing about this entry is the fact that I can share with you something else about me...
  1. I believe in miracles.
  2. I believe God has the power to heal us. 
So, here's my story:

A few months ago, I woke up feeling something was wrong with my mouth. I noticed that I had a "bump" inside my bottom lip. I gave it some time, but it seemed to be getting bigger and I started getting worried...What could it be? Is it dangerous? Logically, the next step would have been to call a doctor and make an appointment. But that's not what I did. I "googled" it! (You've probably done it too, right?) 

In my research I discovered what a mucocele is and how it's usually a dentist that removes it. Another important thing I kept reading in several places was that it was very rare for them to go away on their own and usually have to be removed through minor oral surgery. I spoke to my dentist and found out they could remove it and how much it would cost, but I made the mistake of looking up videos on youtube of the procedure. That night I prayed and asked God to heal me. When I woke up the next day the mucocele had gotten significantly smaller and I couldn't feel it as much any more! I had to give thanks to God because I had trusted in Him and He had answered my prayer. Shortly after, it completely disappeared!

This is what my "mucocele" looked like.
So that's what I wanted to leave with you today. I hope you learned something new and please feel free to share your experiences in the comment section below.

I gotta run because I have a delicious banana bread baking in the oven! (I'll post pics soon!)

As promised! Enjoy...


We've only just begun...

♪ ♫ I'M SO EXCITED! I just can't hide it! ♫ ♪

I finally started my very own blog and I couldn't be more...what's the word?
Oh, yeah! EXCITED!!!
So, I know I've already used that word twice, but I can't seem to find another word to describe how I feel right now. My head is spinning with all the ideas I have for my new "baby" (this blog). I actually feel like a new mommy. I've already given birth to two amazing children so I know exactly what it feels like to have a brand new baby to take care of. 

Today, to celebrate the "birth"day of my "bebé" (that's the Spanish word for baby) I would like to introduce myself and share a few fun facts about me! (10 to be precise) There are clues in this short post that have already let you in on a few secrets about me.

  1. I The Carpenters - "We've Only Just Begun".
  2. I'm not that young...since I know songs by The Carpenters, but who's counting, right?
  3. I love music and I use it to express myself - "I'm so excited..."
  4. I'm a mother.
  5. I have two children (in case you were wondering...both are boys).
  6. I *re-married my high school sweetheart.
  7. I am fluent in Spanish. Yo hablo español. (I speak Spanish.)
  8. I started creating this post yesterday (8.13.12).
  9. I like to keep things interesting!
  10. I waited until it was exactly 2:00AM to click "Publish" (but something went wrong).

So...if you want to get to know me and learn new and exciting facts (and not so exciting ones too), be sure to come back and visit again soon! I'm glad to share little bits of my every day life with you and see what we have in common.

*I told you I like to keep things interesting...but that is a story for another day.