Blushing Bride

Many moons ago there was a young innocent girl who decided she was ready to become a wife. So she married her high school sweetheart just 3 days shy of her 18th birthday and they lived happily ever after...

Well, that's not exactly the whole story...
This is what I looked like on my wedding day. I was so happy...so full of hopes and dreams. Seventeen years and two kids later, I am still happy and very blessed. It hasn't all been the way I had pictured it would be, but one thing has been true during all these years:

(Even during the times I chose not to be with Him)

In case you were wondering, my wedding anniversary isn't today, but I just wanted to remember this special moment in my life. Such sweet memories. 

There's more to this story so stay tuned to my blog for an upcoming post.

For now that is all.
Good night.

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