I already knew I was out of shape, but I didn't expect that getting back to the school routine would leave me feeling so exhausted. I had to take a 2 hour "nap" and I still don't feel that was enough! Maybe it was the heat? It was so hot outside and muggy today, I'm sure that didn't help. Like usual, I drank water but felt like that wasn't enough. I really hope tomorrow will be better.

I'm glad to report that my little one had a great first day! That always makes me happy.

So much traffic!

We were running late so he had part of his breakfast in the car!

After he had his breakfast, I had mine! ♥

How was your day?
Hoping it was blessed,


  1. Well, my day was a regular Monday, with lots of work and some stress, but otherwise, fine, thank God. Happy that your little one loved his teacher and going back to school and is so proud that he's in third grade!!! love you... ♥

    1. Thanks for sharing and I would say I love you too except that I don't know anyone named "Anonymous". Hahaha! Hope you have a better Tuesday. At least it's a bit closer to Friday and that's always good!


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