Happy Mother's Day!

I have a theory...

Once you become a mother, you're a mother every single day after that, for the rest of your life. So technically, (and this is only my theory) it's Mother's Day every day! Today I want to tell you about my Mom and how she's been my #1 fan from the moment I was born. As the oldest of 3 children I know I have an extra special place in my Mom's heart because I was her very first baby (but don't tell that to my siblings). I want to take this moment to give thanks to God for the Mother He has blessed me with. I am a better person today because of her love and patience with me.

Thank you, Mom for filling my childhood with so many special memories. I love you.

My Mom sent me this baby picture (of myself) so I could add it to my blog.
I told you she was my #1 fan!
Mommy & Me

Do you have a special memory of your Mom you'd like to share?

Sweet dreams,


  1. Gracias a Dios por ti, mi hija mayor, (no te estoy diciendo vieja, solo mayor) te amo.

  2. Aww... So sweet. I had not seen these pics. I could share many special memories from my mommy. She taught me great things, but most importantly, she led me to God. I miss her SO MUCH. She was also my #1 fan.
    Love u both!


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