I ♥ Fast Food!

And I know you're probably thinking McDonalds & Taco Bell (which I do love), but in this case I'm actually referring to Chef Jacques Pépin and his "More Fast Food My Way" episodes. My husband and kids love watching his cooking show and they saw something they thought would taste delicious and you know what? They were right!  

I had 4 small green apples and I cut them into slices and placed them in a skillet over medium heat. I drizzled maple syrup over the apples, added a little bit of butter and a sprinkle of sugar. As soon as they started to caramelize I got some hot dog bread and put butter on it and covered the apples with the bread (butter side up). Then I took the skillet and placed it in the oven (preheated to 400°) for about 12 minutes. What came out was a delicious treat that looks nothing like what Chef Pépin made, but I can tell you that when I flipped the skillet over onto a plate it smelled so good I almost fainted. Ok, so I'm exaggerating a bit, but it was so delicious and the most important thing was that it was so easy to put together and so fast that I couldn't believe it was ready so quickly!

Here is the "real" recipe and the correct way to do it - Chef Pépin's - "Skillet Apple Charlotte"

And here's a picture of what I did - -

(I apologize because by the time I realized I hadn't taken any pictures, we had eaten almost the whole thing!)

Do you have a quick and easy recipe you'd like to share?
If so, leave a comment below.
Hahaha! That rhymes.

Good night and sweet dreams,


  1. That looks really good! Congratulations!

    1. Thank you! I was so amazed by how good it actually was since I really didn't put much effort into making it. :)


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