Welcome Chicken

To welcome his mother-in-law (who is visiting from a far-away land), my dear husband decided to prepare a whole chicken on the grill!! And it turned out to be a tasty treat! Come to think of it, you could prepare pretty much anything on the grill and it tastes good. I really enjoy food that is prepared that way. It changes the flavor of whatever you are making and gives it a yummy taste. 

It only took him 1.5 hours to cook it! It was totally worth it...

 We had a great dinner celebration with the "welcome chicken", congris (red beans), toasted bread with olive oil (on the grill of course), and the most delicious avocado you can imagine!

Good night everyone,

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  1. It looks scrumptious! Will your husband prepare that treat if we come visit from a far away land? Or will we have to go coal hunting and make our own? ;)


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