It's like magic...

Getting a haircut, that is! You go into the hair salon feeling "blah" and by the time they are done with you, you feel like a million dollars $ $ $ $ $ !!!! That was me today! It seems I've unknowingly started a birthday "tradition" (if you can call it that). For the past few years I've been going to get a hair cut during the month of my birthday. And in case you were wondering when that is...it's in October!

I didn't really plan it, but it all worked out. At least I think it did...

Feeling like a million bucks,


A year older

October 12

What a special day. I celebrated my 36th birthday... whoa...did I just say 36th? I'm no spring chicken! I am very grateful though because I have been truly blessed. My family came over and we had a dinner celebration. Thank you Lord for allowing me to turn one year older!

My sweet grandpa also turned 86 this month (Oct 16th)
Delicious cupcakes baked by my Mom

With my grandparents ~ Mima & Pipo
Thank you, Mom!

I'm his favorite! (Shh...don't tell the others)

Even my uncle joined us for the special celebration!

I have been truly blessed!
 With a happy heart, I say goodnight! Until next time...