Crowdtap - Kleenex Brand Tissues

I was one of the lucky people chosen to receive a free sample of this beautiful box of Kleenex Brand Tissues from Crowdtap! After taking a few pictures of it, I immediately found a place for my new box in the living room! The design is so pretty and was created by Isaac Mizrahi. I will definitely have to find another use for it after I run out of tissues! Keeping it in the living room where everyone can see them is the best place in my home. It is specially convenient for movie night when watching a "tearjerker"!

The tissues are soft and perfect for other uses (besides drying tears) such as removing my make up! I really loved my complimentary box and hope to get lots of good use out of it!

Big thanks to Crowdtap & Kleenex for the chance to try this out!

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