Review: GLAMGLOW Power Mud Dual Cleanser

So excited to share with you my first impressions of the amazing GLAMGLOW Power Mud Dual Cleanser! A while ago, I participated in a study to test out the GLAMGLOW ThirstyCleanse Daily Hydrating Cleanser which was a wonderful experience. Afterwards, I received a gift card which I used to purchase the GLAMGLOW Power Mud Dual Cleanser.
The difference between these is that the Power Mud (green one) is a mud that turns to oil, it is a gentle, deep cleansing treatment that removes dirt, oil & makeup buildup from the skin. While the ThirstyCleanse (blue one) is a daily cleanser that goes from mud to foam and is for dry and dehydrated skin. They are both wonderful and my skin felt moisturized and soft like velvet after applying it.

Overall, it was a great experience and I'm happy with the results.

Check out my reaction video the first time I applied it for a more detailed review!


Does This Make Me Famous?!

I've seen lots of awesome giveaways and contests, but this one has to be the cutest thing ever! I recently participated in Lay's Summer Days "Create A Bag" giveaway on their site and was a lucky winner! The prize I received is just too cute! It's an actual bag of Lay's potato chips with the picture I submitted printed on it! Can you believe it? Am I now a famous celebrity? Not really, but my kids think I'm cool and that's pretty much the same thing, right? (Maybe even better than being a celebrity).

What do you think?

Check out my cool prize and let me know if you submitted your photo! Did you get a bag, too?