Proud Parent Moments

During my years as a parent I've had so many special moments with my kids. I have been truly blessed being their mother. Today I had another one of those extra special moments where you don't really have words to describe what you are feeling... 

My youngest has demonstrated great interest in playing the saxophone (just like his father) & joined the band in school. After playing for about 6 months, he was given the opportunity to perform a solo before a judge to get rated. This was one of those nerve wracking moments where you are trying to act calm for your child's sake, but inside you feel like you have a million butterflies in your stomach & your heart is racing 100 miles a minute, but it was totally worth it!

Listening to the judge critique his playing made me feel so thankful for the blessing my son has been given. And just in case you were wondering... yes, I did cry a little. We are so proud of him & we continue to pray so he may receive many more blessings & always use them for good!

I'd love to share a short clip of this special moment. I hope you enjoy it, too!

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