CrowdTap: Curly Hair, Don't Care

My hair in it's natural state is pretty curly. I always try to use a hair straightener to keep the curl out and make my hair straight. As part of my crowdtap mission, I received a complimentary L'Oreal Paris Advanced Hair Care Extraordinary Oil regimen. It included a Shampoo, Conditioner & Hair Mask.

Before I used it, I took a picture of my hair in all it's frizzy-ness glory:

 And right after using all 3 products (my hair was still wet):
All 3 smell great! My hair felt clean after using the shampoo, but I did notice it wasn't really smooth and I definitely needed to apply the conditioner. After using it, my hair felt soft and silky. And then, I decided to follow up with the mask...it felt like a buttery, light, mayo that I was applying to my hair. 

Since it was light and didn't feel heavy or thick, it quickly was absorbed into my hair. It didn't stay on my hands. I loved how it made my hair instantly feel even softer! My bathroom was filled with the scent of amber. 

After rinsing, my hair I did still have some frizz, but the next day, my curls were defined and felt soft.

*Product received complimentary for testing & review purposes.