On a day like today back in 1956 a beautiful little girl was born. (No, not me)

She was perfect in every way. (Again...not me, but we're related)

That little girl grew up and became a smart young lady with a smile that could brighten up any room. As time passed she blossomed into a kind, loving woman. That woman is...MY MOTHER!

I am so blessed to be able to call her my Mom. She has dedicated her life to serving the Lord and taking care of her family. Today we celebrate her life and all the wonderful things she has accomplished. Join me in saying a special thank you prayer today for my mom's life!

We are lucky to have you in our family, Mom! And we pray God will continue to bless you for at least 60 more years! There aren't enough words to express how much you mean to us. You are truly a blessing in our life...the glue that holds us together! We love you so much!

♥With all our Love,
Your Children & Grandchildren

And because your birthday is the perfect opportunity to remind you (once again) what an amazing Mom you are and have always been ...


303 Automotive Protectant = Car Wash Day!

We're trying out a new (to us) brand! We received the 303 Automotive Protectant spray thanks to Smiley360

If you wash your car instead of taking it to a car wash, this is definitely a product you're gonna love. Besides the packaging looking neat and having a nice design, the actual nozzle sprayer works great. It's easy to spray the product directly where you want to use it & you don't really need to use a lot. The scent is also not too overpowering. I also love that you can use it on the inside vinyl and on the outside to give your tires a nice clean, smooth look. Also, love that it doesn't feel sticky so it does dry matte, but it looks smooth, not greasy. The only downside I found was that you have to wipe it dry with a separate cloth, but it looks great when you're done. One of the most important things is that is provides UV protection and this is especially important to help prevent cracking and fading. Since my car's interior is black, this is definitely something I want to avoid at all cost! Loved this product and I'm glad for the chance to test it out on my car.

*Product received complimentary for testing & review. Opinions shared are my own.


Vidal Sassoon Hair Transformation - BzzAgent

I've been growing out my hair pretty much my entire life. I love, love, love having long hair, but when I received this complimentary Vidal Sassoon® Salonist color kit, I was inspired to make a total hair transformation and document my experience...

Here are a few extra pictures from the entire process! I loved my experience and will definitely be using this hair coloring again! 

Completely covered ALL my grays!! ♥
Love my VS inspired hair transformation! ♥

*Product received complimentary for testing & review purposes!


REVIEW: Cutex Nail Polish Remover Pads

I'm starting off with the first product I used from my Influenster Bloom VoxBox! These individually wrapped nail polish remover pads from the brand Cutex are a-m-a-Z-Z-Z-ing! I love wearing nail polish and I am constantly swatching different polishes for my Instagram account so I go through nail polish remover like crazy! I like to use pure acetone because I don't have the patience to rub my nails for a long period of time or to have to continue applying more remover to get the job done.

When I first opened these up, I kept trying to unfold the pad thinking it would be a bigger sheet, but it turns out, it's a small, thick felt-like pad that isn't big at all! It is really saturated with the remover and it has a strong acetone & lemony scent which I enjoyed. Just from holding the pad, it started to remove my polish so I was already impressed.

I swiped my nails and used the same pad to clean off several layers of different types of nail polishes from my 10 finger nails and it actually worked! The nail polish came off and my nails & cuticles didn't look dry, they were actually moisturized.

I love how convenient they are, too! Great to take them with you on the go and have a fresh mani, wherever you are! Check out my demo and see for yourself!

*Received these in my complimentary Bloom VoxBox from Influenster. #SoCutex #HealthyNails #BloomVoxBox #Influenster



I've been on a roll lately with Influenster! They have been kind enough to send me a variety of voxboxes filled with free products for me to test out and review. Today I'll be sharing with you my Bloom VoxBox

It arrived this afternoon and I was so happy when I opened up my mail box and found it there waiting for me! I'll begin by mentioning that the box itself is super cute and it's my favorite color...PURPLE! Perfect for Spring. They're already off to a good start, right?

I immediately opened it up and discovered exciting items to check out. I was very happy to see brands I know and love, but also to find new brands and products that I had never even heard of before! So let's get started...

As you can probably imagine, the star of this box is the Sinful Colors nail polish in the shade "Teal Midnight". I am a nail polish collector and this is one of my favorite brands. They are inexpensive and great quality. They also have many beautiful shades to choose from and recently, they teamed up with Kylie Jenner to create a few limited time collections. The latest one is the "Denim & Bling". I can't wait to see what they'll come up with next. Follow me on Instagram to see photos of my nail polish swatches!

To go along with the nail polish, I got to try out the Cutex Nail Polish Remover Pads and was I impressed with these! Just one individually wrapped pad completely removed several layers of nail polish from my 10 nails! These are definitely going on my wish list. 

From Sunbelt Bakery, I received a delicious granola bar in the Oats & Honey variety. The neat thing about these is that they are brought to our communities each week so the snacks have a bakery-fresh taste and more importantly no preservatives!

The Not Your Mother's Plump for Joy spray is a deliciously scented thickening hair lifter spray that gives body, shine and volume! My hair is pretty thick, but I'm excited to share it with a friend who loves to try volumizing product for her hair.

Another, well known brand that I've used in the past is Secret, but this time it's the Secret Outlast Xtend deodorant. It smells amazing and I love it!

And to finish off, another brand I had never heard of is Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse with their Multi-Purpose Dry Oil! It is an oil, that when you apply it to your body doesn't leave it greasy or oily. It is absorbed by your skin and has a light floral scent. I'm excited to try it in my hair to see if it makes it moisturized and shiny!

Thanks again to Influenster for all these great products! Stay tuned for reviews and demo videos on my YouTube channel!

Here's the unboxing video!