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Have you heard of Miracle Fruit, Miracle berry or maybe Miracle Fruit Trees? If you have, then lucky you because it's pretty awesome!

But if you're like me and you have no idea what it is let me share some exciting discoveries I've recently made! Thanks to my friends at PlantOGram.com I had the chance to try out this amazing fruit! I'm so excited to share my experience with you guys, it truly has been...AMAZING!

First of all, I'll start by sharing that PlantOGram.com has many exotic & tropical fruit trees which you can order online and have shipped to yourself or as a special gift for someone else. And when I say "SPECIAL" gift, I really mean "SPECIAL". The tree arrives at your door in a tall, narrow, bright-green box. On the outside there's a card that says "A Gift For You" & a pamphlet with instructions on how to care for your plant. When you take the tree out of the box it has a burlap wrapped base with a large colorful bow (mine was bright pink & gorgeous).

Now moving on to the actual tree I received which is the "Miracle Fruit Tree". It arrived with fruit already on it! Some were bright red & ready to pick, while others were still green and will ripen soon! There are also lots of flowers where new fruit will be coming in so you definitely get a lot to choose from! 

Since we had never heard of this tree, my son and I read the information provided & we learned that these fruit have an enzyme that coat your tongue preventing you from tasting anything sour. We were intrigued! The only thing we had on hand to test it out was a green lime which we prepared for our live taste test! Of course, we recorded a video of our first impressions for your enjoyment! 

OMG! This is one of the most amazing things we've ever experienced. How is it that I'm almost 40 years old and I'd never even heard of this Miracle Fruit?! Well, you learn something new every day, right? My son sure did, and he was so happy when he realized we have our very own tree that we can enjoy for years to come! That is another wonderful thing about this gift, it keeps on giving! 

We also squeezed some lime into a cup of water & drank it after tasting the Miracle Fruit & it was the perfect lemonade with NO ADDED SUGAR! We've got a growing list of sour foods we want to try next: strawberries, grapefruit, etc. There are so many possibilities!

Can you think of someone in your life who'd love to receive this special gift? Maybe you want to treat yourself to something extra special? Well, be sure to add "Miracle Fruit Tree" from Plantogram.com to your Wish List! I hope you find something you love!


*Our "Miracle Tree" was a special gift from Plantogram.com in exchange for my honest opinion & review.

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