My Boys

It seems like an eternity ago, but it was only 17 years ago that my first son was born. I was only 18 years old (so young and innocent)...filled with hopes and dreams. God has blessed me greatly with these two boys.

My first son, Stanley

Then only 9 years after Stanley was born (and a whole lot of "experience") we were blessed with a brand new baby boy, Nathan! He was truly a gift from God.
This is my baby, Nathan

(Almost 8 years ago)
They have both grown up way too quickly! If you are a new parent here's a little bit of advice: take advantage of every single moment with your baby because before you know it they are off to college!

I blinked and Stanley is already a young man!

I'm trying not to blink so much because Nathan is following his brother's footsteps!

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